Our Technology

LumeTech’s proprietary technologies enable us to build the most productive and efficient facilities for photovoltaic silicon ingot and wafer manufacturing.



With advanced IT networks and automation technologies deployed throughout our manufacturing process, our annual per capita output reaches 28.5 MW, 145% higher than the industry average. Our yield rate is 98.2%.

We recycle 99% of solid waste produced. Using only 90,000 kWh of electricity and 600 tons of water per million units of product, our process is significantly better for the environment, compared to others in the industry. Additionally, the power output per cell is nearly twice of that generated by conventional products offered by competitors.

By increasing the wafer size and reducing its thickness, our technology provides higher power generation efficiency than the industry average (60% increased designated illumination area), while reducing the consumption of silicon material (20% less materials used).

higher than the industry average

Our yield rate

increased designated illumination area

less materials used

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