About Us

LumeTech is an indirect subsidiary of TCL Zhonghuan Renewable Energy Co Ltd (TZE), born out of our commitment to bring advanced solar technology to the U.S. and developing a resilient solar supply chain with U.S. partners.

LumeTech is a pioneer in solar technology innovation. Our legacy includes a long tradition of manufacturing industry-leading ingot and wafer products for the solar energy sector.

LumeTech’s next-gen  G12 wafer is the most advanced product platform in the industry. It is larger, thinner, more cost-effective and more sustainably manufactured than the industry standards, with a power output nearly double that of competing products.

Our advanced manufacturing process is uniquely designed for G12 wafering. Powered by cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technologies, our factory has 145% higher productivity but uses 20% less electricity and 50% less water, compared to the industry average.

Our success is rooted in a deep commitment to R&D, intellectual property protection, and respect for workers, as well as transparent and ethical sourcing practices.

Driven by the core values in our mission – Conserve nature, Celebrate employees, Cherish communities, Champion customers – LumeTech is dedicated to protecting the global environment through continuous innovation; building a workplace where our employees can thrive and celebrate their diversity; investing in the health and growth of local communities where we operate; and always treating our customers with integrity and respect.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Safeguarding intellectual property (IP) rights is a top priority at LumeTech. IP considerations are integrated throughout our entire R&D and manufacturing process.

LumeTech respects the IP rights of all industry stakeholders and actively prohibits infringing on others. Our IP management system monitors and analyzes the entire life cycle of a product to protect the intellectual property of suppliers, partners and peers. We also perform IP due diligence and risk assessments on all of our suppliers.

Through rigorous IP management protocols and enterprise risk controls, we have maintained a track record of zero cases of infringement.

ESG Initiatives

We have published annual ESG reports on our progress since 2017, illustrating how we integrate environmental and social responsibilities into our strategic business activities.

At the core of our work is sustainability. From enabling growth of the solar industry through our products to reducing carbon emissions in our own operations, we are committed to being effective stewards of our environment and communities.

We are deeply proud of our diverse workforce and people-oriented company culture. With well established recruitment, retention, labor protection and employee welfare practices, we are widely recognized for our thriving and collegial workplace.

We employ transparent and ethical sourcing practices. Our supply chain traceability program was designed and examined by King & Wood Mallesons, an experienced global law firm with roots in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong.
To ensure that conflict minerals do not enter our supply chain, all of our suppliers are required to meet the standards set by the Responsible Minerals Initiative .

As a research and manufacturing leader in the solar industry, LumeTech is determined to be a global driving force for positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) change.


A globally recognized leader in the solar industry.